Saturday, January 21, 2017

Dr. Matt French

Dr. French graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences University in 1998, and has practiced in the Valley for 10 years. He is an avid fitness enthusist and competitive cyclist. He is the proud father of 2 girls, Madeleine and Meredith.

Dr French specializes in Functional medicine which corrects health problems at the root level by addressing lifestyle, diet, exercise, body biomechanics, biochemistry, hormone balancing and nutritional therapy. He also utilizes Gonstead chiropractic for dealing with a wide array of neuromusculoskeletal problems.

Dr. French is continuously researching and studying the constantly developing field of nutritional therapy.

  • Author of Gonstead chiropractic educational materials used worldwide
  • Product developer for Now Foods nutrition
  • Certified in Lifestyle Medicine through the Renovare Institute
  • Certified First Line Therapy (Fat Loss) practitioner
  • Member of Life Extesnion Foundation
  • Member of Institute for Functional Medicine 
  • Member of Professional Forum on Antiaging and Chelation Therapies
  • Gonstead Clincal Studies Society member
  • Participant in annual Gonstead “Meeting of the Minds”

The path to Functional Medicine

In 2005 I was having a rough year. I found myself getting sick a lot more often than I ever had. Looking back I discovered I was quite sick 96 days that year. I had 3 rounds of severe bronchitis, the stomach flu twice, a couple sinus infections and mononucleosis. I just figured it was stress and overwork.

Then in August I discovered something really strange. I borrowed a portable bone density scanner so that I could test patients. As my staff and I were learning how to use the machine, I tested myself first to show what a good score would look like. After all, being a 33 year old athletic male who had trained with weight for years, I should have an excellent bone density score. I was wrong. The machine said I had the bone integrity of the average 85 year old woman. In another word–osteoporosis. The machine had to be in error, I thought. Yet everyone else we tested seemed to show an accurate result. I proceeded to verify this result with not just one, but 2 DXA scans- the “gold standard” for bone density readings.

Turns out I was indeed brittle in my bones. This explained the broken neck in 1991, the shattered collarbone in 2003 and several cracked ribs. The confirmation of osteoporosis with my declining immune system was cause for alarm, and I was determined to find the cause.

I ran test after test. I could find very little that was abnormal. At the urging of an orthopedic surgeon friend (the one who pinned my broken collarbone together back in 2003) I decided to enter the “medical system” to try and find an answer. After baffling 2 specialists, I ended up seeing a top Endocrinologist at the Mayo clinic. Test after test failed to provide an answer. The only thing left to do was a bone biopsy. So in December 2005 a piece of bone was drilled off my hip and sent to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota for analysis. The results–inconclusive. The doctor’s final word “perplexing”. The answer was to test my bones again in a year and hope they didn’t get worse.

In the meantime I continued to catch every virus in the air and had 85 year old bones. Not willing to accept that, I went back to testing myself again, and looking for experimental treatments being done for osteoporosis. This deeper level of investigation did uncover some significant deficiencies in hormones rarely tested, DHEA and growth hormone. I have since raised these levels and have never felt better!

Over the next year I was only sick 2 days instead of 96, and my bone density scores have not only remained stable, but have significantly improved. Here are the improvements I have seen:

                02/0609/06Normal RangeOptimal

DHEA  66        184        59-452        >250

IGF-1*104        197        114-492        >200

* This test relates to growth hormone levels


creatinine ratio5412Over 50= severe bone risk

This test measures the rate of bone turnover– lower is better 

Bone density T-score-2.6-2.1> -1.0

Fat %18.5%8.8%

16 pounds of fat loss—13 pounds of muscle gained

I have always had an interest in nutritional therapies and functional medicine and have been studying for years. Once experiencing the life changing results myself, I realized it was time to offer this same type of in-depth care to others.